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MAREGOT: Liguria, Tuscany, Sardinia, Corsica and Var, together to safeguard the coast

Abstract from “La Rivista della Natura”

(Genova , 30 October 2017) - MAREGOT is a project aimed at jointly preventing and managing the risks connected with coastal erosion, in the maritime area where the 2014-2020 Marittimo Italy-France INTERREG transboundary Programme applies.

Highly valuable natural features and strong tourism flows characterise this coastal area; climate change threatens to heavily affect coastal activities. Therefore, the project purpose is to improve knowledge and monitoring systems on coastal erosion, both natural and man-induced, in order to define strategies and intervention plans for an effective, shared management of the coast, respecting the peculiarities of each territory. 

The project started six months ago and will last three years; currently, pilot areas are being identified in the 5 key territories where the 14 project partners (that include regional authorities, universities and research centres, with Regione Liguria as project leader) will carry out technical interventions.

Together with monitoring and planning activities, implemented by regions and scientific partners, communication and dissemination will also play an important role, as the participation of all local actors - citizens and institutions, schools and universities, tourists, businesses and local operators - is crucial to increase risk cognisance, attention and awareness.

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