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Always respect nature, throw your face mask and personal protection items in the garbage after use. Abandoning them in the environment seriously threatens the ecosystems.
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Punta Gatta

Zona B (Punta Gatta)

Diving         Great Interest: Marine Wildlife 
  • Spot: Punta Gatta
  • Depth: - 25 m
  • Kind of Seabed: wall/landslide
  • Difficulty Level: intermediate
  • Involved Municipalities: Monterosso al Mare

The dive develops around a large shoal that provides shelter, in its nooks and crannies, to species such as flabellines, barracuda, sea bream, grouper, lobster, moray and conger eels.

Echinaster sepositus - Starfish
Echinaster sepositus - Starfish
(photo by: RM Cinque Terre)
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