Cinque Terre: agriculture and landscape


From 2004 the “Cooperativa Sentieri e Terrazze”, that deals with those activities related to farm labor, is busy with preserving this intimate bond which gave birth to a unique territory.

The love of the sea has always been mingling with the one of the land at Cinque Terre. Rather, someone could say that farming labor itself shaped this territory: farmers arduously conquered a space in the Mediterranean scrub where growing lemons, olive trees and, above all, grapes.
And it is the need of preserving this landscape heritage that in 2004 pushed the Cinque Terre National Park to give Cooperativa Sentieri e Terrazze the duty of recovering this territory, by means of all those activities related to agriculture: a territory shaped by a centuries-long effort of people creativity, developed in a rocky area, perched on the sea.

The Cooperativa Sentieri e Terrazze’s daily work
It’s the 16 employees’ duty to take daily care of preserving the typical cultivation at Cinque Terre, limiting the environmental damage caused by the abandoned countryside, putting the stress on area recovery. They are divided in work’s groups and almost 25 hectares were turned into farming land with orchards, olive trees, vineyards, vegetables, while at the same time dry stone walls were recovered, consisting of paths and lines which were the sole connections to main roads.

The Corniolo Hill recovery
The Corniolo Hill, which rises above Manarola, is the emblem of the group’s huge effort of recovering a past made of culture, traditions, gestures, trades and tastes. Now it is back to its ancient appearance, today it represents a benchmark for excellent productions. It consists of a sort of farming laboratory to promote environmental biodiversity, where only biologic technique is used, capitalizing on the natural land fertility. No fertilizers are utilized. The raw materials, are successively worked to get both wine and food products and the cosmetic products of the Cinque Terre National Park, becoming an example of business made local to preserve the authenticity, purity and quality as much as possible.

Marzia Vivaldi

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