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Sustainable tourism

Fostering a tourism development respecting the environmental and nature values

The keyword is: sustainable development. The resources must be managed so that the economic, social and aesthetic needs can be met maintaing the cultural integrity, the essential ecological processes, the biological diversity and the life systems in the area at hand (development of the economic activities, sharing of the knowledges and of the goals among the citizens and passing them down to the next generations).
Being aware of how the Cinque Terre territory represents a priceless resource leads the local administrations to implement policies to support a social fabric made of small enterprises, in order to foster a fairer distribution of richness, and to offer the young generations the opportunity to be the protagonists in their villages, without being forced to leave their territories, that would feel the effects of such an abandonment.

From 21st July to 16th September, local and international artists will take part in the music festival organised by the “Cesar Franck”...
Monday, 24th July at 9.15 pm, at the Castle of Riomaggiore, the dialect band that has repeatedly won Albenga's Ligurian song contest
Friday, 21st July, 9.15pm, Shrine of Soviore in Monterosso: Victor Contreras, organ concert. Music by Baroque Mexican composers of the 18th century
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