30 businesses located in protected areas will take part in the market exhibition "La qualità al Centro”, an event organised by the Ministry of Environment and Federparchi-Europarc Italy...
Scientific research and biodiversity, coast erosion and management are the focus of ongoing European projects
Coast management, biodiversity, endangered species and marine plastic pollution are the focus of the European projects in which Cinque Terre National Park participates. These projects started a few months ago, and are now getting to the heart of the matter and producing their first results. The Park Authority is on the front line, especially in the framework of MAREGOT - an Interreg project...
Volunteers of the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) Section of La Spezia have trained on the trails of...
Programme Inauguration of the Mario Andreoli sparkling nativity scene in Manarola Friday, 8th...
  Maregot is a project aimed at the shared prevention and management of risks due to coastal...
Living the Cinque Terre
In this section you can find all the useful information on how to reach the Cinque Terre and how to move in the territory.
Welcome Centers
The Welcome Centers of the Park represent the first contact between tourists and Cinque Terre.
Where to sleep
Section dedicated to the accommodation facilities of the Cinque Terre.
Where to eat
List of the places where you can eat in the Cinque Terre.
Local Products
The historical activities of the Cinque Terre were agriculture, which shaped the famous terraced landscape, and fishing.
Local Producers
Detailed list of the Local Producers in the Cinque Terre: addresses and contacts of the farmers.
Works for the upkeep of paths
The study of the territory and its elaborations
To support the local producers
The several pathways and the partners
The Park's Galleries