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foto della notiziaVIVIilPARCO: 5^ itineraries in Riomaggiore
This week the Park suggests 3 trekking proposals starting from the village of Riomaggiore: itineraries from 1, 2.30, 4.30 hours depending on the time available and the degree of preparation.
(Manarola - Sede Parco Cinque Terre, 21 May 18) This week the star is the village of Riomaggiore: starting point for excursions through vineyards, Sanctuaries and amazing views of the Cinque Terre. VIVI il PARCO RIOMAGGIOREStarting Point: Riomag...
foto della notiziaMonterosso: Poems in the shadow of the Giant
Saturday 19 May, at 4 pm, a literary naturalistic itinerary starting from Fegina to learn more about the poet Eugenio Montale, organized by the E.Montale Literary Park and Cinque Terre.
(Manarola - Sede Parco Cinque Terre, 17 May 18) While walking, the themes linked to the Montalian poetry are explored through its places of the soul: Villa Montale, the beach of the Giant, the Purtigiùn beach with the pines of Aleppo, are...
foto della notiziaVIVIilPARCO: 4^ itineraries in Manarola
This week the Park suggests 3 trekking proposals starting from the village of Manarola: itineraries from 1, 2.45 and about 4 hours depending on the time available and the degree of preparation.
(Manarola - Sede Parco Cinque Terre, 11 May 18) VIVIilPARCO, the initiative launched by the Park Authority to stimulate the knowledge of the rich trail network of Cinque Terre, continues with great interest. This week there are 3 suggestive excurs...
foto della notiziaVIVIilPARCO: 3^ proposal, itineraries in Corniglia
This week the Park suggests two trekking proposals starting from the village of Corniglia: itineraries from 2 hours 15 (ORANGE trail) and 4 hours approximately (BLU trail) depending on time available and degree of preparation.
(Manarola - Sede Parco Cinque Terre, 04 May 18) VIVIilPARCO, the initiative launched by the Park Authority to stimulate the knowledge of the rich trail network of Cinque Terre, continues with great interest. This week the Park offers two sugge...
foto della notiziaVIVIilPARCO Vernazza
Hiking itineraries to discover Cinque Terre trail network. Proposal of the week: departure from Vernazza with routes of 1, 3, 4 hours walk.
(Manarola - Sede Parco Cinque Terre, 02 May 18) VIVIilPARCO, the initiative dedicated to the discovery of the protected area through its rich trail network. Every week are proposed a series of excursion itineraries starting from one of the Cinque T...
foto della notizia25 April: in case of high turnout, regulation of flows on SVA path
The path (SVA) for reasons of high turnout could be regulated with temporary interruptions of flows at the entrances to avoid congestion
(Manarola - Sede Parco Cinque Terre, 24 Apr 18) The Park informs visitors that the Voluntary Ecological Guards and the CAI - Alpine Rescue staff of La Spezia- will be present throughout the day on the SVA path, in order to protect the stretches ...
foto della notiziaLiving The Park: itineraries to discover the Cinque Terre trails
Launch of the initiative dedicated to passionate about trekking: every week the Park offers a series of unpublished itineraries for duration of 1, 3 and 4 hours, departing from the Cinque Terre villages. It starts with Monterosso.
(Manarola - Sede Parco , 21 Apr 18) Living The Park is the Park's initiative dedicated to the discovery of the protected area through its rich trail network. Every week a series of excursion itineraries are proposed, divided into 3 t...
foto della notiziaMarego Steering Committee, Cinque Terre Park in Cagliari
The program will be published on the social channels of the project and partners.
(Riomaggiore, 18 Apr 18) Thursday, May 17, starting at 9, will take place in Cagliari, at the Manifattura Tabacchi, the regional event on the management and protection of the coasts. Meeting title: The European MAREGOT pro...
foto della notiziaMeeting with CNA representatives on Complementary Procedural Guidelines
Yesterday, at the headquarters of the Ente a Manarola, a meeting was held with CNA representatives and associates, in the presence of the leaders of the Marine Protected Area.
(Manarola - Sede Parco Cinque Terre, 18 Apr 18) The meeting was attended by representatives and associates of the CNA and of small and medium-sized enterprises of La Spezia, the President F.F. Vincezo Resasco, the Director Patrizio Scarpellini and ...
foto della notiziaGIREPAM, market investigation for mapping service in the Marine Protected Area
Market investigation for the identification of companies to be invited to produce offer for the assignment of the coralligenous habitat mapping service, of the associated fish fauna and the submerged and semi-submerged caves of the Marine Protected Area.
(Manarola - Sede-, 18 Apr 18)   Cinque Terre National Park, partner of the European Project GIREPAM presented as part of the "Interreg V-A Marittimo Italy - France" co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERD...
foto della notiziaCinque Terre Marine Protected Area: Complementary Procedural Guidelines have been approved
The Procedural Guidelines complete Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area’s Implementation and Organisation Regulation: issuance of authorisations and permits
(Manarola - Sede Parco Cinque Terre, 16 Apr 18) By Resolution No 7 (16.03.2018) of the Park’s Board of Directors, the Procedural Guidelines completing Cinque Terre MPA’s Implementation and Organisation Regulation have been approved. The...
foto della notiziaMV SAM SIMON is back in La Spezia
The Sam Simon, one of the ships of the Sea Shepherd fleet - an NGO fighting for the protection of oceans and marine animals - is back in La Spezia.
(Riomaggiore, 12 Apr 18) The Sam Simon arrived in La Spezia directly from Liberia at the end of Operation Sola Stella. During this campaign, led in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence of Liberia, the ship has been secr...
foto della notiziaUpdate on the accessibility of the Park’s trail network
The Park Authority has appointed a company that is currently carrying out important interventions to mitigate risk and restore access on the Vernazza-Corniglia stretch of Sentiero Verde Azzurro (SVA).
(Manarola - Sede del Parco, 10 Apr 18) Workers are making special efforts to remove unstable rock blocks, empty the rockfall protection nets, and rebuild dry stone walls, without even pausing on holidays in order to make up for time lost b...
foto della notiziaWine and food tourism, one in three travellers is inspired by drinks and delicacies
Wine and food tourists have increased by 9% over the past year, and one in three Italian travellers has done at least one trip inspired by drinks and delicacies.
(Manarola - Sede-, 10 Apr 18) The data are included in the First Report on Food and Wine Tourism in Italy, which outlines the characteristics and trends of a sector that is growing all over the world. According to the Report, 4...
foto della notiziaMaregot: the second biannual financial report has been successfully concluded
The ''MAnagement des Risques de l'Erosion cotière et actions de Gouvernance Transfrontalière'' project - 2014-2020 Marittimo Italy-France INTERREG transboundary Programme - enters its third phase
(Riomaggiore, 09 Apr 18)  The project aims at jointly preventing and managing the risks connected with coastal erosion in the area of cooperation. The purpose of the strategic project is to start a shared planning which,...
foto della notiziaCinque Terre Park: the Hiker's Handbook
The rules below were set by the Carabinieri Forestry Corps and the Park to ensure correct use of the trail network, where many Italian and foreign tourists go hiking, and whose characteristics make it comparable to mountain tracks
(Manarola - Sede -, 09 Apr 18) Evocative and extraordinary: such is Cinque Terre Park. And the best way to get to know it is by walking on its numerous cliff-side tracks, on trails running by small villages a...
foto della notiziaRebirth of Maddalena’s historical vineyard, and land art.
Saturday, Cinque Terre’s largest and most ancient vineyard gets newly baptised. With an organic art installation by Marco Nones
(Monterosso al Mare, 03 Apr 18) Countdown in Monterosso for the new inauguration of the Maddalena Hermitage’s historical vineyard, one of the largest and most ancient in Cinque Terre. The morning of this special event will be ...
foto della notiziaThank you all for your collaboration
By Patrizio Scarpellini
(Manarola , 02 Apr 18) Easter Day and Easter Monday are always two demanding days at Cinque Terre. That is why I would like to thank all those who did their best, together with local authorities, to pursue a shared goal. &...
foto della notizia2 April: high number of visitors on the Monterosso-Vernazza trail
(Manarola - Sede Ente Parco, 02 Apr 18) Because of the high number of visitors, access to the Monterosso-Vernazza (SVA) trail may be temporarily interrupted to avoid congestion. It is however advisable not to undertake the trail between noo...
foto della notiziaCinque Terre Walking Park
Scheduled hikes with expert guides, to discover Cinque Terre’s agricultural landscape, are available for Cinque Terre Card holders
(Manarola - Sede Parco Cinque Terre, 27 Mar 18) HIKE - The vineyards of Manarola MARCH 30TH MEETING POINT: 4,00 PM at 5 TERRE POINT, MANAROLA TRAIN STATION   HIKE - Lemons & Vineyards of Monterosso APRIL 1ST  MEETING POINT: 10,3...

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