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The updates on the path network and the outdoor activities

The paths of the Cinque Terre have been the only connection between the villages, and between the villages and the hinterland for centuries. Today the path network developing along more than 120 kilometers allows visitors to admire and enjoy the whole territory, through different types of paths.
Thus, we remind you that the paths of the Cinque Terre National Park must be always walked with good weather climate conditions, with appropriate shoes and by people having a good hiking experience.
Accessibility:   All the typologies | On foot | Swimming | By bike | Diving | Canoe


Trails and Trekking

After 5 proposals with departure from the hamlets of Cinque Terre, this week the Park suggests 3 trekking proposals starting from Colle del...
This week the Park suggests 3 trekking proposals starting from the village of Riomaggiore: itineraries from 1, 2.30, 4.30 hours depending on the...
Saturday 19 May, at 4 pm, a literary naturalistic itinerary starting from Fegina to learn more about the poet Eugenio Montale, organized by the...
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