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The updates on the path network and the outdoor activities

The paths of the Cinque Terre have been the only connection between the villages, and between the villages and the hinterland for centuries. Today the path network developing along more than 120 kilometers allows visitors to admire and enjoy the whole territory, through different types of paths.
Thus, we remind you that the paths of the Cinque Terre National Park must be always walked with good weather climate conditions, with appropriate shoes and by people having a good hiking experience.
Accessibility:   All the typologies | On foot | Swimming | Diving | Canoe


Trails and Trekking

Due to the trail running competition "Sciacchetrail", scheduled for Sunday, 2nd April 2017, with departure and arrival in Monterosso, some pathways...
With 57 days left until race day on 20 March 2016, with start and finish in Monterosso, the 250 available spots are now filled
An interview with the London-based team Wild Trail Runners, whose members are always searching for amazing places to run and will participate in the...
Sciacchetrail 2015, the ultra-trail which took place on the 29th of March along the paths of Cinque Terre, witnessed the participation of athletes...
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