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Marlindo buoy

A simple system planned for the marine reserves and supplied to the Cinque Terre: the first big buoy planned to collect the waste of the boats in the Marlindo harbor, the waste-collecting buoy which has been presented at the Genoa International Boat Show after having been tested in the Cinque Terre marine area in the water surface opposite Vernazza, is based on a simple system planned, developed and patented by two sea-lovers from La Spezia, Corrado Ricci (journalist for La Nazione) and Francesco Bucceri, who works for Mariperman, and realized by the Valeria San Giorno from Casarza Ligure, a primary company working in the field of the production and marketing of boat equipments.
The container, with a capacity of 550 liters, is set on a round platform having a diameter of 1.80 meters, which it can be extracted from. A lever protects the waste from the seagulls' attacks and from the risk of leakage.
The structure, made of polyethylene, is anchored to the sea bottom, and its dimensions are conceived to guarantee the highest functionality, both when used by the boats and in the phase of the recovery of the extractable container for the transfer of the waste to the land. The lever offers a useful grip to come alongside, whereas a light pressure allows the opening of the cover to put the waste into the container. A dusk switch turns on at dusk so that the buoy is visible at night. Since the first day in the Cinque Terre, Merlindo has been appreciated by the boat owners, showing how navigation development and environmental safeguard can coexist.
This buoy - resembling a flying saucer and fitting perfectly the current theme  regarding the pursuit of a balance between sea use and environmental safeguard - is working in the Cinque Terre reserve at the buoy camps of Riomaggiore, Vernazza and Monterosso.
The service will be enhanced in spring and summer, and it will be free of charge.

Technical sheet

  • Total height of the buoy, including the submerged part: 2,310 mm
  • length of the buoy excluding fenders: 1,800 mm
  • total length including fenders: 2,000 mm
  • internal diameter at the height of the can's mouth: 800 mm
  • height of the can: 1,200 mm
  • height of the freeboard excluding the position-indicating light: 1,380 mm
  • capacity of the can: 550 liters
  • total weight including the ballast: 365 kg

buoy, can, fenders and cover are made of polyethylene.

The levers for the mechanical opening of the can are made of metal. On the top of the cover there is a position-indicating light equipped with a dusk switch.
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