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Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area

Daily permit request to access to the Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area

It is possible to apply for a day permit for:
  • Sailing and mooring in Zone B
  • Mooring in Zone C
  • Anchoring in Zone C
The daily permit is reserved exclusively for boats used for recreational purposes only, with the explicit exclusion of any other purpose and / or profit-making activity (e.g. rental of boats for recreation, occasional rental, etc.)

The procedure involves:

  1. The self-declaration here below with the applicant’s details and relating to the characteristics of the boat to be used,
  2. The online charge of 8 or 13 euros (for watercrafts up to 10 m LOA or boats from 10 to 24 m LOA) on a VISA or MasterCard credit card, using the NEXI secure servers,
  3. The download of the permit in PDF format from this site to which NEXI servers will redirect, after the online charge.

The PDF thus obtained may be printed or displayed on the screen of your laptop, tablet, or smartphone at the request of the authorities in charge of control.

Download the brochure with the procedures for requesting permits online



Name Surname
Born in Date of birth
Address City
Telephone Email

Daily Permit

I apply for a permit on:

AMP activities

Sailing and mooring in the B Zone (with boat up to 10m or between 10 and 24m):
Mooring in the C Zone (with boat up to 10m or between 10 and 24m):
Anchoring in the C Zone (with boat up to 10m or between 10 and 24m):

For this purpose, aware of the legal sanctions for fraudulent statements as set in Presidential Decree D.P.R. 445/2000, and under my own responsibility;

  1. That I have read the Ministry Decree D.M. 20/07/2011 " Decreto di aggiornamento dell'AMP", published on the Official Bulletin G.U n. 266 of 15/11/2011; the Ministry Decree D.M. n. 189 of 20/07/2011 "Regolamento di disciplina", published on the Official Bulletin G.U 267 of 16/11/2011; and the Ministry Decree D.M 24/02/2015, published on the Official Bulletin G.U. n. 62 of 16/03/2015
  2. That the watercraft is only used for recreational purposes, with the explicit exclusion of any other kind of activity and profit-making aims!
  3. That I perform the abovementioned activities on a boat with the following characteristics:

Optional details

Length overall (LOA):
Engine identification number:
Further info:
Year of the hull (yyyy):
Make and model of the hull:
Hull identification number:
Make of the engine:
Year of the engine (yyyy):
Today's place of departure

Optional survey

  • Where do you usually keep your boat?
  • The engine complies with the directive 53/2013/UE?
  • Fuel type
  • Fuel litres consumed during a day
  • Hours of navigation in the Marine Protected Area compared to those in general
  • And I will pay the necessary amount online to Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre.

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