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Environmental Policy

The Park Authority, in compliance with its institutional purposes, aims at adopting the sustainability principles for its activities, and at fostering the same principles in the protected territory, involving both public and private subjects. To this purpose, during the carrying out of its activities, the Park Authority undertakes to:
  • implement and maintain a System of Environmental management in compliance with the requirements provided by the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 standard
  • continue to be in compliance with all the laws and regulations in force concerning the environmental issues
  • carry on improving the system for a reduction of its environmental impacts and to avoid pollution
  • adopt strategies for the sustainable management of the protected territory, in view of the safeguard of the environmental and social values.
In particular, the Park Authority identified priority areas with the following goals:
  • Monitoring the direct and indirect environmental impacts on the Park's territory, guaranteeing systemic actions for the safeguard and the enhancement of Cinque Terre's natural and social heritage, through a territorial system based on right logic of re-establishment of the roles, where the Park Authority plays the role of the promoter and coordinator of actions based on the participation of public and private actors in a kind of partnership between Park and Local Governments, private actors and other subjects involved in the management of the territory;
  • Promoting the policies to support the responsible tourism, through the identification and promotion of actions aimed at managing the tourist flow and limit its impacts on environment;
  • identifying and promoting actions for the safeguard and monitoring of biodiversity;
  • identifying and promoting actions to improve the path network struck by several landslide episodes and hydrogeological instability;
  • creating an accessory territorial system, where restaurant owners, tour operators and farmers contribute to guarantee the environmental quality by continuing the traditional activities for a correct maintenance and sustainable davelopment of the Park's reality, identifying the "Marchio di Qualità" (Quality Label) as an important instrument for the system implementation;
  • Adopting environmental criteria for the supply of goods and services and to develop suppliers awareness in order to lead them to work in compliance with the Park Authority's Environmental policy, with its procedures and the requirements of the Environmental management System;
  • Adopting a memorandum of understanding for the fostering of the ecological public purchases that involve all the other territorial Entities to improve the environmental performances and those connected with the reduction of the waste production;
  • making the operators within the Park Authority feel responsible about the themes regarding the environmental protection;
  • spreading the necessary information all over the territory to understand the Park Authority's activities' impacts on the environment;
  • developing the local communities' awareness about energy and water saving and about the waste reduction;
  • raising visitors' awareness about the environmental themes and the respect of the historical-cultural heritage by fostering a new culture linked with the knowledge and the discovery of both the territory and the typical products, with the aim of enhancing the attitudes and sustainable practices, in order to foster people's health, consumerism and the traditional activities to protect the territory;
  • promoting the spread of information regarding nature and the territory's environmental communication of both the Park and its Marine Area through the Environmental Education Center of the Park, strengthening all those initiatives especially dedicated to the schools.
The Park Authority commits to periodically debating and analyzing the contents of the present policy according to the achievement of the provided environmental goals.
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