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Towards the EMAS registration of Ecosystem Services

Cinque Terre National Park intends to achieve in the year 2018 the important goal of the EMAS Registration (Regulation (EC) of eco-management and audit no. 1221/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council amended by Regulation 1505/2017)

The objective of EMAS shall be to promote continual improvements in the environmental performance of organisations by:

  1. the establishment and application of Environmental Management Systems (which the Park has already implemented as part of the ISO 14001 Certification)
  2. the systematic, objective and periodic evaluation of the performance of such systems
  3. the provision of information on environmental performance and an open dialogue with the public and other stakeholders
  4. the active involvement of employees in the organization and the adequate training of personnel to make active participation in the tasks referred set out in point 1.

The EMAS registration guarantees to all the interested parties the effective application of a management system attentive to the reasons of the environment which provides for a systematic, periodic and objective evaluation of the declared environmental performances.

The advantages linked to the acquisition of the EMAS mark consist of:
a) a continuous respect and updating of environmental laws and regulations;
b) optimal management of the activities delegated to suppliers and contractors;
c) rationalisation of activities under direct control of the institution;
d) support for the general management of activities;
e) ensuring the credibility of the system by recognizing an independent external body;
f) improvement of environmental quality and life in general;
g) increase the level of well-being and satisfaction of stakeholders and staff in the long term;
h) organic and advanced land management;
i) start of a new phase of territorial marketing;
j) promote "responsible" tourism;
k) promote sustainable development.

The Park intends to implement an innovative project, born from the collaboration with ISPRA and Federparchi, becoming a national promoter of an EMAS registration focused on the Ecosostemic Services, in consideration of the fact that the Protected Areas have an important endowment of Ecosystem Services and that EMAS can be an effective tool for the sustainable management of the Park's natural capital.
The Environmental Statement will therefore be focused on monitoring indicators of ecosystem services and accounting of available natural capital.

The community regulation promotes the participation of employees, collaborators, service providers in the area and all the parties involved in the process. All Stakeholders are therefore required to cooperate and participate:

  1. in initiatives promoted by the Park to raise awareness and prepare staff so that, in the context of their activities, it is possible to improve the services / products offered, with a view to territorial sustainability.,

  2. in proposing ideas for improvement that the Park can evaluate to enhance its environmental performance.

Help the Park to improve its environmental performance: write to comunicazione@parconazionale5terre.it indicating in the "EMAS" object for alerts, suggestions and proposals.

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