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2015 Sustainability Report

Inclusion, active participation and accountability, together with greater efficiency and transparency, are major levers to foster the relationship of trust with citizens and communities.With this in mind, the Park has started the process of building its 2015 Sustainability Report.

Sustainability Report responds to some main objectives:

  1. Identify areas of intervention of the park authority and the stakeholders to whom it is a duty to "give an account"
  2. Specify, for each area of intervention, the declared policies, the choices made, the resources used and the results achieved, in order to reconstruct the "chain of meaning" that guides the Authority's work and makes it possible to check its consistency with the commitments made.;
  3. Communicate to all stakeholders the economic, social and environmental performance of the organization, making the impacts generated visible and comprehensible;
  4. Lay the foundations for a system of dialogue with stakeholders, through the establishment of a two-way relationship, which aims not only at the involvement, but also at the responsibility of all the subjects, directly or indirectly involved in the activity of the Institution

Points of reference for the drafting of the document:

  • Directive of the Minister of Civil Service on social accountability in public administrations (2006);
  • Guidelines for the social reporting in local authorities, approved by the Observatory for Finance and Accounting of Local Authorities of the Ministry of the Interior (2007);
  • Standard for Social Reporting in the Public Sector proposed by the Study Group for the Social Report (GBS, 2005).

As a source of inspiration, the most internationally recognized standards in this area were also taken into account, namely the sustainability reporting guidelines published by the Global Reporting Initiative and the AA1000 guidelines on stakeholder engagement drawn up by the British Institute of Social Responsibility and Ethics.

The drafting of the document involved a working group within the organization consisting of the Presidency, the General Management and managers and employees of various offices, supported by SCS Consulting.
Furthermore, in agreement with the most accredited social reporting methodologies, some focus groups were created for the comparison with some stakeholders, during which the participant's points of view and their perceptions about the areas of intervention of the Institution were investigated.

2015 Sustainability Report

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